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Loch Katrine

Following in Queen Victoria‘s wake – a cruise on Loch Katrine Taking a trip by water always offers a different perspective of the surrounding area and a steamship cruise on Loch Katrine makes for a very relaxing outing. Loch Katrine is a freshwater reservoir  in Stirling in the west highlands of Scotland. The name Katrine… Continue Reading

Braemar and Ballater

Places to visit in Scotland – Braemar and Ballater Braemar and Ballater are located in Aberdeenshire in north eastern Scotland, around 16 miles from each other. These traditional burgh’s are close to the Cairngorm Mountains and are incredibly popular with hikers and holidaymakers. With so much to see and do in the local area you’ll… Continue Reading

Andrew Carnegie

People of Scotland – Andrew Carnegie Everyone in Scotland has heard of Andrew Carnegie, although they might not be so familiar with how he became one of the wealthiest businessmen in America. Carnegie’s story begins in Dunfermline, where he was born into the modest home of a hand-loom weaver in 1835. The family moved to… Continue Reading

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