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A Journey Across Lands of Literary Inspiration

Enhancing university studies by creating an inspiring literary adventure

As a team we are always delighted when a client presents us with the seed of an idea that through our research and creativity we can germinate into a once in a lifetime trip. In this instance we were asked to plan a pre-university trip journeying across Scotland and England for a mother and daughter. Their inspiration; British literature.

Pairing them with a knowledgeable local driver-guide, they set off on a physical and educational journey through the literary landscapes of the UK – the hills and waters of Wordsworth’s Lake District, the charming villages of Brontë Country, and the impressive manor houses of Jane Austen’s Peak District.

Through the locals they met and the activities they experienced along every step of the way the pages of their favourite books were brought to life. One of their highlights was exploring Brontë Country with a specialist guide who showed them how to read the poetry and take inspiration from the landscapes and vistas that had sparked the imagination of the famous sisters.

From the dedicated research into the client’s specific interests to the careful plotting of a cohesive narrative through the trip, our team worked tirelessly to ensure we designed and delivered a perfectly tailored itinerary that allowed them to explore and expand their shared passion of British literature.

We hope that the chapter that we were able to write in this family’s story is one that will be well thumbed in their memories and that the tales will be recounted down generations across the years.

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