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Strive for the extraordinary. Consider your leisure moments as a blank canvas for creating indelible tales and cherished recollections. Sleigh specializes in crafting personalized expeditions throughout Scotland, driven by proficiency, enthusiasm, and networks. Convey your sources of motivation; we’ll orchestrate the enchantment

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Set out on unmatched odysseys alongside House of Sleigh, where limits are uncharted in the realm of exclusivity. Dare to dream grand, embrace unconventional thinking, and revolutionize your universe in our company


Majestic landscapes, ancient castles, and serene lochs create Scotland's breathtaking beauty for discerning travellers

Scotland’s landscape unveils a mesmerizing panorama of sweeping vistas, where untamed wilderness and towering peaks converge to captivate the most discerning explorers. Nestled within this natural masterpiece, time-worn castles whisper tales of chivalry and intrigue, while tranquil lochs mirror the heavens, inviting travellers to embark on an enchanting journey through Scotland’s unparalleled allure

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The Sleigh Family have specialised in luxury travel since 1974 and are now leading experts in the industry

Over these 49 years we have acquired extensive experience and forged strong connections across every inch of the UK to become recognised leaders in our respective fields.

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"Sleigh's were fabulous in the way they put handled our Scottish trip to the highlands"

Jim & Carol, Bespoke Week in Syke.

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