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A Spellbinding Sojourn

Discovering Three Nations Through Witchcraft History and Lore

When approached by a client looking to explore Scotland, England and Ireland using the theme of Witchcraft History as their main focus, Sleigh’s jumped on the opportunity to create a truly unique itinerary.

We first paired them with an Expert Driver-Guide, who specialised in Folklore and witch-craft history. Their guide was able to regale them with oral histories, myths, and legends as they travelled through some of the UK’s most atmospheric landscapes.

Their journey took them north into the Scottish Highlands, where they visited the only known grave of a Witch, appropriately secluded and accessible only at low tide, met a storyteller, who taught them ancient Scottish folklore to the tune of her harp, and visited a chapel engraved with mysterious symbols by candlelight.

From here, their itinerary took them south into England, where they learned about London’s secret history and worshipped the sun at Stonehenge. They meditated on the healing waters of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and visited a local witch who had been turned to stone.

They then flew west over the sea to Ireland, and through the rolling Mourne mountains, where they visited the ancient crowning place of Irish High Kings and a made their way through passages of a prehistoric tomb.

Each step of the research both challenged and exited the Sleigh’s team, excited to learn about a new lens through which one can visit our countries. We were proud to put together their foray into folklore and they left feeling inspired and enthralled by the sites and stories our itinerary shared with them. Our team were thrilled that the dedicated research they put in made for such a wonderfully witchy success.

We love to spend time really getting to know our clients in order to put together the best possible tour for them. Whether they have a specific interest or prefer to see the major attractions, we always have a trick up our sleeve to make their time with us a lifelong memory.

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