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Craft your Irish odyssey with Sleigh’s: where timeless landscapes meet bespoke luxury. Private vintage road trips through emerald valleys, poetic castle feasts, and windswept lake voyages converge for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey. Ireland, reimagined

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House of Sleigh: Crafting immersive wonders, from whimsical Down the Rabbit Hole Wonderland DJ sets to captivating medieval markets and elite athlete training camps—where dreams materialize into unforgettable reality


Verdant vistas, dramatic cliffs, and ancient villages converge in Ireland, an undiscovered luxury realm of unforgettable journeys and moments

Ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary – journey through Ireland with Sleigh’s and unveil a realm of spellbinding landscapes, where time dances to its own tune. Traverse emerald valleys and craggy coasts, where enchantment lingers in every misty whisper, making your escape truly unforgettable

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The Sleigh Family have specialised in luxury travel since 1974 and are now leading experts in the industry

Over these 49 years we have acquired extensive experience and forged strong connections across every inch of the UK to become recognised leaders in our respective fields.

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"Sleigh's were fabulous in the way they put handled our Scottish trip to the highlands"

Jim & Carol, Bespoke Week in Syke.

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