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Introducing Sleigh’s Tartan

Celebrating the Sleigh's Heritage

To celebrate 50 years of WL Sleigh and the future of the three companies, we commissioned Araminta Campbell to design a Sleigh’s Tartan.

Every thread in Sleigh’s tartan is a testament to Scotland’s rich heritage, enduring appeal, and timeless elegance. Crafted by skilled hands and inspired by the breathtaking landscapes that define Scotland, each element tells a story of passion, pride, and family legacy. 


Step into the enchanting tapestry of Scotland’s history and identity with our bespoke Sleigh’s tartan, meticulously crafted by Araminta Campbell. Each strand weaves narrative tales of rugged landscapes, serene seas, and the vibrant hues of Scottish seasons. Some of the colours chosen also have strong personal meaning to those whose dedication and innovation working alongside the Sleigh Family should be recognised; in this way their story is also woven into its history. 

Through each fibre you’ll find the verdant greens of rolling hills, the earthy browns of ancient moors, and the deep blues of untamed waters. Delve deeper, and you will discover the warmth of spring daffodils, the golden glow of summer gorse, and the fiery embrace of the setting sun—all captured through the rich yellow check. A homage to the heather-clad hills and the noble thistle, vibrant purples dance among the strands, perfectly capturing the essence of Scotland’s natural beauty and heritage. 


At the heart of the design lie two sets of three blue checks, representing the three symbiotic, branches of the business. For over a century, the Sleigh family has proudly held a Royal Warrant—a mark of distinction and honour granted by the Crown. To commemorate this milestone, 100 vibrant green threads are placed between the earth brown checks, celebrating a century of dedication to craftsmanship and service. Centrally lies a special tribute to WL Sleigh’s 2024 50th anniversary, with 50 threads of green coming together to mark this occasion. 

About Araminta Campbell 

Made in Scotland by Scotland. Araminta and her team believe in supporting local communities, preserving traditional skills, and championing the time-honoured craft of weaving. That is why every Araminta Campbell piece is made right here, in the country that inspired its design, using natural materials, traditional skills, and expert craftsmanship. From the soft caress of natural wool to the vibrant hues inspired by the ever-changing Scottish seasons, every detail is a celebration of Scottish heritage. 

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